Lower Your Overhead Costs

RevenueWell makes your staff more productive by automating many essential yet time-consuming activities like scheduling and confirming appointments, answering account-related questions, sending out postcards and processing payments. By reducing the need for manual admin work, you can drastically lower your overhead costs and deliver better patient care.

Reduce No-Shows

RevenueWell saves you time and money by completely automating appointment reminders and confirmations. All scheduled patients are contacted according to your settings and their communication preferences – via email, text message, postcard or phone. Your front desk staff no longer has to spend hours a week dialing and leaving messages, and you get a real-time picture of your confirmation status for the day right in your practice software.

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Spend Less on Printing & Postage

Sending direct mail from your office has always been a pricey affair. From running reports in your practice management software to feeding postcards through a printer to individually labeling every piece, physical mailings cost you even more in staff time than they do in postage. RevenueWell reduces these costs by automatically sending postcards and letters for common communications like recalls, end of year insurance reminders and patient reactivation. What’s more, we know to only send physical mailings to patients we can’t reach via email — drastically cutting your expenses on postage and supplies.

Valeri Sacknoff, D.D.S. – Pomerado Cosmetic Dentistry – Poway, CA

“RevenueWell let us do away with having to print recall cards at the office. The system knows when everyone’s recall date is coming up and automatically sends emails, text messages, postcards and letters reminding patients to come in and see us.”

Simplify Announcements and Routine Patient Communication

Have you ever had to announce a weather-related office closing? What about summer hours, a new website or an insurance-related change? Without a solid patient communication system in place, these seemingly small initiatives can throw your front desk off balance for days on end. RevenueWell makes such communication easy by letting you quickly define the group you want to message (like all patients with appointments this week, or everyone with a certain insurance carrier), and then sending the communication via a combination of direct mail, email and text messages — reaching 100% of your target group at the lowest possible cost.

Spend Less Time on the Phone

A 3,000-patient dental office may spend $10,000 a year in staffing costs answering simple questions like “When’s my next appointment?”, “What did I get charged for?” or “How much is left on my insurance policy?” RevenueWell reduces these costs by giving your patients secure access to their account information, including appointment & procedure history, patient forms, insurance information and more!

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Get Paid Faster

RevenueWell gives patients their complete billing history online and lets them make payments on the spot. When a payment is submitted, it appears right in RevenueWell — ready to process using your existing merchant account. Your patients will love the convenience, and you’ll love getting paid faster!

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