Grow Revenue from Existing Patients

RevenueWell increases production from your existing patients by keeping them engaged, educated and coming back to your office for all recommended maintenance and care. How? It uses a combination of email, direct mail, text messages, phone calls and social media to help you stay connected with your patients — improving their health and your bottom line.

Automatically Recall & Reactivate Patients

Consistent, timely communication is the best way to ensure your patients stay with your practice and comply with your hygiene recommendations. RevenueWell monitors your patients’ visit histories and recall schedules, and automatically sends them emails, text messages, postcards and letters (according to your settings) to keep every patient healthy and on track.

Promote Elective Services through Newsletters and Social Media

RevenueWell helps your office do more elective dentistry by educating your patients about the newest services, financing programs and technology that you’ve implemented to improve their dental care. Do you offer Invisalign? Send them a quick seasonal promotion. Does your office perform CEREC restorations? Educate your patients on the convenience of one-visit dentistry with a prebuilt 6-month marketing plan. There are hundreds of newsletters and social media posts to choose from — so market away!

Automatically Follow-up on Unscheduled Treatment Plans

If you’re like many dental practices out there, you likely diagnose hundreds of treatment plans each year that patients forget about or ignore. RevenueWell monitors your practice management software for unscheduled treatment plans and automatically sends out beautiful multimedia treatment plan presentations that educate your patients on proposed procedures and urge them to not delay the care they need.

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Appointments Booked

Value Generated

Attract New Patients

RevenueWell attracts new patients to your practice by improving your online presence, helping you get more referrals and turning your satisfied patients into salespeople for your practice.

Effortlessly Collect and Broadcast Patient Reviews

You know your patients love you. You’ve worked hard to earn their trust, and you work even harder each day to keep their every visit perfect. Why not ask them to help you spread the word? RevenueWell automatically asks your patients for feedback and places it on Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, Citysearch and other search engines.

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Connect with New Patients through Social Media

Social media can be a great way to connect with existing patients and get discovered by new ones. RevenueWell makes it incredibly easy to maintain vibrant, engaging Facebook and Twitter pages by giving you all the tools you need for the job. From single-click posting to multiple profiles, to a huge library of ready-made posts, to publishing great content on your behalf, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of social media without having to do all the work yourself.

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Increase Your Online Visibility

Every RevenueWell customer gets their own SEO-optimized microsite on one of the top destinations for patients to learn about common dental health topics, procedures and conditions. With thousands of visitors every day, an easy way to share and reply to patient reviews, and great visibility on top search engines, Patient Connect is a great addition to your existing SEO program.

Get More Referrals

RevenueWell’s Referral Manager helps you get more patient referrals with ready-to-send referral campaigns, configurable referral incentives and invitations to submit a referral at every patient interaction. Truth is, your patients WANT to share their good experience with their friends and colleagues: you just have to make it easy, convenient and rewarding.

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